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2/78-80 Bellingara Road, Miranda NSW 2228

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Opening hours: 7am - 6pm

Monday to Friday  

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Pre-School & Early Education has built strong relationships with their local community.  


The children visit and are visited by residents of two local nursing homes, Frank Vickory Village and Hammond Grove.  

The relationships formed during these visits are beautiful and strong bonds are formed by all involved.  


Students from our local high school, Sylvania Heights also visit the children weekly spending 3 hours with the children providing tremendous learning on both sides.  


LOFTUS TAFE and a number of universities are provided opportunity for their students to attend the centre with placements to gain a practical understanding of early childhood education.  By hosting these students, we are helping to develop the educators of tomorrow.


Our centre also works in partnership with local small businesses and community groups to promote children’s health and safety.  Some of those groups include:

  • Sutherland Swim School who attends our centre annually to talk to the children about water safety.

  • Hazelhurst Gallery provide sessions for our children to attend for art expression

  • SoccerMan spends six weeks each year teaching our pre-school age children foundation movement skills.

  • Wanda Life Saving Club teaches us about water safety at the beach.

  • Miranda Police officers visit the service to help us educate the children about road safety and how to access the emergency services.

  • Miranda Fire Brigade kindly bring their big red fire truck to our centre and speak to us about fire safety and teach us how to “Stop, drop and roll”.

  • The Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening (StEPS) program tests our pre-schooler’s vision on an annual basis.

  • Healthy Harold from the Life Education Program always provides us with an entertaining and interactive show about having a healthy diet and the importance of exercise.


During the year we organise a variety of performers and educational shows to visit the centre and complement our program, ie Kaleidoscope Science, Matilda’s Farmyard, Bob Turner Wildlife Show, Taronga Zoomobile, Peter Morgan’s music show, Hatch ‘n Grow, Greg Dymock from Swag Full of Instruments, Mama Africa Drumming Workshop, to name a few.


Pre-School & Early Education is also proud to be connected to our local Aboriginal Community.  We have consulted with Elders to ensure that we have embedded local culture into both our environment and program in a way that is both authentic and respectful.


One Meal

Time 4 Kindy proudly supports One Meal Sutherland.  

Our amazing cook Matt Hayward, is currently the Sutherland Shire Citizen of the Year.  Matt is recognised for setting up and running One Meal, an organisation that provides meals for the homeless of the Shire each Sunday night.

At T4K our families donate monthly to provide foods that can be taken away, such as soups and long-life milk/cereal that are made into breakfast packs.  Our educators prepare hot food at home on Sunday for that night’s dinner and also volunteer to be a part of the ‘Service’ up at Sutherland.

We believe that it is important to educate children on everything that is happening in their local community and we are thrilled that the children have taken home what they have learned while with us and are now collecting donations from the wider community, such as their streets and local schools.

If you would like to be a part of our connection to One Meal the centre has a collection bin permanently in the foyer for donations.